KUD Kardeslik Strumica

Background Information

Map of Macedonia 2008

Map of Macedonia 2008

–The representatives of the Turk ethnic community in Macedonia mainly are descendants of the Ottoman Turks that conquered Macedonia (1371) and ruled for 550 years.  During the Byzantium Empire, a small number of other Turk tribes (Kuman Turks, Vardar Turks, and others) also settled in Macedonia.  According to the 2002 Macedonia census results, from a total of 2, 022, 547 citizens in Macedonia, 77, 959 or 3.85% are Turks.

–The 2002 census shows overall unemployment in Strumica at 40%.  For ethnic Turkish it is 81.3% and for Roma 91.7%.

–Macedonian data and Indicators of Municipalities show that in Strumica from 1998-2002 there was a 62% increase in the socio-economic disparities among municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia.

–The most recent census figures for Macedonia (2002) indicate that of 5675 primary school age children enrolled in Strumica, only 282 (<5%) are Turkish/Roma.

–Even fewer children go beyond the first 4 years of primary school.  Of the 3542 enrolled students in secondary school, only 181 are ethnic Turkish or Roman, and this number includes students from villages in Strumica, Macedonia

–Roma students are placed in ethnically segregated classrooms with Turkish students.


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