KUD Kardeslik Strumica


KUD Kardeşlik has received numerous awards throughout the years for its dancing, and is recognized as having one of the most acclaimed Turkish dancing groups throughout Macedonia.  In addition to organizing a yearly festival in Strumica for Kurbam Bayram, it regularly competes in folklore dance festivals in Turkey.

Recent trips have been to: Akchabat in 2003; Silevke in 2004; Eshmi and Tosiya in 2005; Tosiya again in 2006; and Balikesir/Tosiya in 2008. In Macedonia, and in 2008 alone, KUD Kardeşlik participated and won 1st place in the Summer Festival held in Chalikla with 21 competitors from Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Greece, Kosovo, Bosnia, and Macedonia. It also won 1st place in Radovis in June 2008 out of six organizations in recognition of a sünet (circumcision) festival. And, in Veles in May, Kardeşlik celebrated Ataturk—the founder of modern-day Turkey—with 7 other organizations. In Zhupa, Macedonia, it celebrated Bayram with 10 organizations in January 2008.


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