KUD Kardeslik Strumica


KUD Kardeşlik Strumica (‘kardeşlik’ is Turkish for “brotherhood”) is a Turkish cultural organization spanning three generations of male and female dancers of Macedonian, Turkish, and Roma ethnicity. Since 1980 (during the time of the former Yugoslavia) it has provided an оpportunity to the Turkish population for their heritage and culture by promoting the traditional folklore dances specific to the SouthEastern region of Macedonia.

Although KUD Kardeşlik Strumica took a hiatus for several years, the second generation of dancers wanted to renew the traditions they participated in as children to their children. Board members also realized the need to address issues pertinent to the Turkish and Roma population in Strumica. Thus, KUD Kardeşlik Strumica was reorganized in 2001 not only to promote an understanding of the Macedonian Turkish population, but to also seek sustainable, long-lasting solutions to the many issues and needs of the Turkish population in the Strumica region.


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