KUD Kardeslik Strumica

Volunteer Title: Translator (English-Turkish)

Volunteer Title: Translator (English-Turkish)

Objective: Assist the NGO Development Advisor in communicating KUD Kardeslik’s message, work activities, and the needs of the Eastern Macedonian Turkish, to a global Turkish audience

Accountable to: NGO Development Advisor

Responsible for: English to Turkish translations

Working relationships: NGO Development Advisor, Director of KUD Kardeslik

Key result area: Assist the NGO Development Advisor in delivering accurate, culturally appropriate English-Turkish translations of KUD Kardeslik materials/business in different media

Responsibilities: 1.) Translation: a.) Written materials (including but not limited to: web sites, newsletters, brochures, and internal documents); b.) Live and recorded audio (including, but not limited to, films and live presentations)

Core skills:The English-Turkish translator should be able to deliver accurate and timely, culturally appropriate materials. While he/she should make contact with specialists when needed for technical terminology, the confidentiality of the information must be maintained for internal documents. Additionally, the translator is expected to increase his/her level of English—as needed—to meet the needs of on-going work.

Time Horizon: On-going

Contact: Please contact KUD Kardeslik at:  kudkardeslik@yahoo.com with your CV/resume


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